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So I finally got to watching frozen, a bit overhyped but enjoyable nonetheless. Needless to say anna was my favorite.

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Well, I can rest easy now that yoshi is back. On another note, I don’t think anyone was expecting greninja! good stuff good stuff.

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very small aikuro in bravely default style

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just some nudy figures

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quick sketch of ragyo being a bad bitch

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Hallelujah more news for the new Bayonetta. The mighty empress herself is here MADAME BUTTERFLY. I’m sure some people are tired from seeing more news on tropical freeze BUT I AM AN AVID DK FAN DAMMIT. DAVID WISE (music composer for the dk trilogy on the snes) THE KING HAS RETURNED, that soundtrack for the new trailer IT SOUNDED SO RIGHT!!! Yoshis New Island …GOOD GOD Iwata YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO ASK ME TO GET EVERYTHING, it looks better with each trailer same with Kirby. VIRTUAL CONSOLE: ARE YOU TELLING ME I CAN GET MY HANDS ON METROID FUSION AND MARIO & LUIGI SAGA?! I am sold, so fucking sold

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LITTLE- FUCKING- MAC- HELL YES, I thought he’d never make it in because he was an assist trophy, and after all those punch out segments in tw101? YES YES YES, so i guess being a previous assist trophy doesn’t matter anymore c: wait hold the fucking phone, I almost forgot how much I want WONDER RED TO GET IN. *exhales* ohhh my oohh me precious little mac~ also, he looks so much meaner than he did in punchout wii, haircolor change too? well he was more brunette in the og punchout whatever i’m happy

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A little bit of kraid love from metroid done in water color

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merry christmas from the geathjerk, though i doubt they’d celebrate christmas

*reading merry christmas in laambo’s voice*

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